Here at Daniel's Pharmacy, we're more than just prescriptions. We offer a variety of services to fit all your needs, both medical and otherwise.

Prescription refils

Prescription refills - Online!

With Daniel's Pharmacy, you can refill your prescription in a number of ways! We accept them in-store, over the phone, faxed, and now, for your convenience, online! Refill them online here or through the official Good Neighbor Pharmacy mobile app.

Multi-dosing pill packaging

Multi-dose pill packaging

We offer multi-dose blister packs for patients as an alternative to bottles & unit dose cards in order to help improve compliance. They allow the patient to consistently & accurately take their medications by separating & color-coding their pills by time of day. Blister packs are easy to use, reduce nursing & staff time, and minimize error in administering medication. 

Medical equipment and supplies

Durable medical equipment & supplies

We carry durable medical equipment & supplies, including wheelchairs, walkers, canes, scooters, and many more! We also sell accessories for the shower and toilet to make it more accessible to those who need it. 

Medical records

Medical records

Daniel's Pharmacy can provide customized medical records for your assisted living or long term care facility. These medical records are designed to save each care provider valuable time & better care for the residents​.

  • Centrally stored records

  • Clinical & administrative quarterly reports

  • Treatment administration records

  • Customized medication administrative records

Free delivery

Free delivery!

We offer free prescription delivery (limited) to our customers in the Bay Area. 


U.S. Postal Office & UPS services 

We are an official United States Postal Services drop-off & pick-up location as well as a UPS access point. Come by with your packages & mail ready to go or come by and package them on-site. We sell stamps & packaging material.

Blood pressure testing

Free blood pressure testing on-site

Pay station

Pay station

Pay your bills with PG&E, AT&T, home telephone & more here at Daniel's Pharmacy! We are an authorized utility payment center.

Other services

Other services
  • Over-the-counter medications

  • Vitamins & supplements

  • Copying & faxing

  • Parking cards 

  • Basic toiletries & first aid supplies

  • Spanish, Cantonese, & Arabic translation assistance available

Please contact us with any questions about our services